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QuizApp app is one of the best Quiz Questions, Answer platform for all categories. With various quiz categories present in this app don’t only let you play but also learn a vast knowledge on various category of topics from across the world.

Through this Quiz app platform, knowledge of books is combined into a fun playing game. Now kids don’t need to stay away from mobile games but more they play the game, more they learn the knowledge around the world, about your country, region, state or city.

Player can choose questions to be answered from choice of categories of your favourite subject:

★ Agriculture Quiz trivia

★ Animal & Birds Quiz trivia

★ Art Quiz trivia help you know more about artists like
• Vincent Van Gogh – Dutch Painter
• Theodore Rousseau – French Painter
• Sandro Botticelli – Italian Painter
• Rembrandt Van Rijn – Dutch Painter
• Pierre-Auguste Renoir – French Artist
• Paul Gauguin – French Artist
• Michelangelo – Italian Sculptor
• Max Weber – Jewish-American Painter
• Max Liebermann – German-Jewish Painter & Printmaker
• Max Beckmann – German Painter
• Marie Tussaud – French Artist
• Marc Chagall – Russian-French Artist
• Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist/Mathematician
• Joshua Reynolds – English Painter
• Joseph Mallord William Turner – English Romanticist Landscape Painter
• John Constable
• Henri Matisse – French Artist
• Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec – French Painter
• George Romney – English Portrait Painter
• George Grosz – German Artist
• Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – German Artist
• Edvard Munch – Norwegian Painter
• Edgar Degas – French Artist
• Correggio – Painter
• Carl Spitzweg – German Romanticist Painter
• Canaletto – Italian Painter
• Antonio Canova – Italian Sculptor

★ Bible quiz trivia on
• Samson
• Moses
• Judith
• Joseph
• Elijah
• Deborah
• Absalom
• Aaron

★ Business quiz trivia targeting the knowledge about
• Business And Economics

★ GK (General Knowledge) quiz trivia on various
• General Quizzes

★ Politics quiz trivia currently about the
• Presidents Of USA

★ Science quiz trivia

★ USA geography quizzes trivia to know about
• US State Puzzles
• US State History
• Trivia Quiz
• Mixed Trivia – USA
• Land And Lakes

★ World Religions quizzes trivia to know more about the world of religions

Did not find your favourite subject/ topic/ category, don’t worry

We keep on adding the categories you want to know, play and compete with your friends.

If you want any specific categories of your favourite subject book to be included in our quizzes platform, you can send us an email support@AppSmartz.com

We appreciate your feedback on Quiz App.

SMS Folders

SMS Folders

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SMS Folders Inbox is an old classic mobile phone messaging sms app with folders like structure for your SMS messages. Rather than using the conversation like SMS messaging app, now you can use folder like SMS messenger app.

★ It is designed for people who still love sms old way. Similar to phones of Nokia Message/SMS Organiser with SMS Folders like Inbox, Sent, Draft, Save, Favourite etc.

★ It displays all the incoming SMS messages in Inbox Folder.

★ All the outgoing SMS messages are by default in Sent folder

★ Save your favourite messages in your favourite folders

★ Create as many folders as you want.

★ Save the SMS message in organised folder structure for future use

★ Move the SMS messages to default folders – Work, Personal, Friends, Family, Others

★ Create custom folders like Financial, Banking messages, Important Alerts etc.

★ Move the transactional & promotional SMS messages to one folder.

★ Option to Rename, edit and delete the SMS folders

★ We offer sharing feature using which you can share any of your SMS message over Email, Whatsapp, Viber, Google+, Facebook, Twitter or any other social or communication medium directly which allows you to share.

★ It is completely Ad-free and without any limitations on feature set.

Geograpy Games Quiz

Geograpy Games Quiz

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Geography Games Quiz Enhance your knowledge in world geography in a fun learning way. This is self-learning educational app to help you learn while you play. The app is useful not only for pre school kids and students who are learning geography but also for geography experts who want to brush up their knowledge to become Quiz upp master. On this app, you can learn about names of countries across the world, their capitals, currencies and flags. It comes in the form of an interesting Quiz up so you never get bored.
While learning geography, you can also test your knowledge in Geography subject with Quiz options in
★ Country Capitals
★ Country Flags
★ Country Currencies

Play it like a game in your choice of level – Beginner, Intermediate or Expert. This game help students to do best in their Social Studies, geography subjects at Exam levels. With its amazing user interface and smooth controls, this game is very helpful for competitive exams and other geographical questions.

Are you still looking for reasons to download and start using the “Geography Quiz Games” app? Here are reasons why you should download the app now.

★ High Quality flags for different sized devices
★ Multiple Game modes for learning – Practice, Lessons and Exam
★ Review you answers to quizzes while doing practice
★ Quickly search for a country in Lessons mode
★ Quiz upp based game with multiple-choice answers
★ Play without any limits – practice or take lessons
★ Achievements scorecard/ statistics for player’s Quiz upp sessions
★ Global leader board to compete with global players world-wide
★ Option to save your preferences
★ Access help and instructions to understand how to get started
So, if you are ready to enhance your geography knowledge while having some fun, just download this fun Geographical Quiz Game now. It’s Free!

We are constantly working hard on making the Geography Quiz Game better and more useful for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hi to support@AppSmartz.com. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Geography Quiz Games”, do not forget to rate us on play store. Also, do share the Geography Quiz Games among your friends.

Sweet Donut Blast Match 3 game

Sweet Donut Blast Match 3 game

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Sweet Donut Blast Match 3 game is the king of match 3 games saga.
This is the best casual game with interesting, enjoyable still challenging levels. You enjoy this game with each level running against the time or moves. It is designed to enjoy and play by gamers of any age group.

★ More than 100 (hundred) Adventure level puzzles to puzzle you
★ Each level you travel through the village of islands
★ With each level crossed the fun and sweetness doubles
★ Target scores
★ Win/achieve stars at each level
★ Fun in playing against the timer
★ Leaderboards to watch score
★ HD quality Donuts Sweet Graphic
★ King of Match 3 games
★ Challenging level never allows you to feel bored
★ Suitable for all age groups
★ No forced Ads to disrupt your enjoyment
★ You can share your score with screenshot or even create the video of your level winning with our app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ezscreenrecorder&hl=en) and share it with your friends and competitors.

AppSmartz creates integral app for Bosch

AppSmartz creates integral app for Bosch

Collaborating with the global giant on mySpin, we’ve created a stellar app that will change in car and mobile entertainment!
Bosch recently unveiled mySpin – a smartphone integration platform for automobiles and with it, AppSmartz launched Car Radio, an app available for Android and iOS that will come pre-loaded with mySpin.
At the mySpin unveiling, AppSmartz founders, Mr. S. K. Arora and Atul Sachdeva were overheard saying, “We are happy to announce our partnership with Bosch at the joint unveiling of mySpin and our app Car Radio.”
As already mentioned, Car Radio will be part of the app roster that will be rolled out as standard with mySpin. Just like Bosch attempts to revolutionise smartphone integration platforms for automobiles with mySpin, AppSmartz will revolutionise in car entertainment solutions for travellers everywhere with the Car Radio app.
The Car Radio app is not just an ordinary radio application that was integrated into mySpin – it is actually an internet radio platform that allows mobile users and car passengers to tune into any radio station from any location in the world. Essentially, a person with the app on their phone in New York or a car travelling in Mexico City can tune into the radio stations playing in Ghana, Dubai, Brazil, Scotland, Japan or just about anywhere in the world depending on the mood.
Since mySpin already has the attention of automobile manufacturers in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Russia, Car Radio will also be made available to these manufacturers. Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) is one of the first few OEMs that will come bundled with Car Radio via the mySpin platform.
The ability and possibility of a traveller being able to tune into their favourite local radio channel anywhere in the world has till now been a wide gap that has finally closed with the provision of Car Radio. Not just beneficial for travellers, Car Radio is a wonderful application for mobile users wishing to explore new kinds of music with just their phones. Not just that, in reality Car Radio serves a much bigger, educative purpose as well by allowing passengers and users to tune into news from their homes or from anywhere in the world as well since radio is almost always the first platform to break any news.
As more and more automobiles are seamlessly automated, the potential for Car Radio is limitless as the demand for digital and smartphone integration continues to rise, the app will play a highly sought after role that will change the way automotive travellers use a simple radio in their cars. As a matter of fact, the simple radio has now become a globally connected member of a sophisticated digital industry that only seems to be growing. And with the availability of the Car Radio app to every smartphone user via the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores, the Car Radio app becomes the stepping-stone in the evolution of the humble radio of yore as this helps radio survive the modern-day tirade of online audio distribution solutions.

Digital Marketing/SEO/ASO Expert

Digital Marketing/SEO/ASO Expert

Strategy planning for Digital Markeitng/SEO/ASO/Social Media Marketing for Websites, Apps, Products of company and/or client/ third party websites Regular daily activity planning, tracking, conversion Target achievement based on various KPIs.

Experience Required

Atleast 1-3 years experience in relevant domain/industry.

Salary No bar for good and deserving candidates.