‘APPSMARTZ’ has provided an app as ‘GEOGRAPHY QUIZ’ (hereinafter referred as app). The app has been provided by the ‘AppSmartz’ (hereinafter referred as company) to play and enjoy all the contents/services of the app. This app is subject to the acceptance of following terms of policy agreement

  1. Activation of App
  2. The company has made the app from the sources available online. The user is assumed to have appropriate age to use the app and is also assumed to have competency to accept these terms. The user either barred or otherwise legally prohibited from receiving or using the app or its any content under the laws of the country in which user resides or from which user accesses or uses the app must not access the app. The user is bound to comply with any additional age restrictions that might apply in a country for the use of contents or specific Content on the app.
  3. While accepting the present agreement, the user hereby acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agree to be bound by its terms. This Agreement is a legal agreement between the user and company and all the terms stated hereunder apply to the user, whether the user is a registered user, a visitor visiting the site of company. If the user does not agree with this Agreement, the user is adviced not to accept this agreement and not to download the app. So, please read this agreement carefully. If the user does not understand the Terms of this agreement, or does not accept any part of the same, then user should not download the app.
  4. The app can be activated by downloading it from the online app stores. If the user wishes, he/she can use the app through Google play services or else he/she can also use/ play the app without using Google play services.
  1. The kids are suggested and recommended to play the app under the supervision of their parent/s guardian/s and the company has no responsibility of use of app by such information.
  1. To avail the services or content of app, user is required to accept these terms on providing the requisite information. The user is also required to give consent to the company to collect his/her information from third party online or offline. All the information provided by the user will help the company to update or modify the app as per interest and convenience of the user/s.
  2. The company may share the information data provided by the user or collected from third party with its group companies and its associates. The company may also use said data/information for any survey, news content or magazines etc. to show the popularity of app of company and for its growth and the user shall have no objection over it. Any such information provided by the user must always be accurate, correct and up to date. The company assures the user that any such information provided by the user or collected from third party will not be delivered to any other user without the written and expressed consent of the user concerned.
  3. The company may provide such information to the Govt. of India or the country of user or to any authority as directed by any court of law. While providing such information, the company shall also inform the user in this regard.
  4. Uninstalling the app from the device does not mean that the user has disallowed the company to use his/her data information with its group or associate companies.
  5. The user is adviced to keep his/her account user details safe and secure and not to share them with anyone else.
  6. On the information provided by the user, the company may also launch its other apps as per the profile, hobbies and interest of the user.
  1. Updates
  1. The user is adviced to install updates from time to time from the website of company or by opting ‘update’ displayed on the app whenever it is displayed.
  2. The company may update the app automatically and for updation, the consent of any user is not required and only acceptance of this agreement will be deemed as consent to the updation of the app though the user does not have the compatible device to operate the app. However, the user may run the older version of app.
  1. No Warranty
  1. The downloading of app on the device of user is subject to the compatibility of device and online services on the place of user. The company does not warranty regarding the operation of app due to poor internet services. Running of app is not guaranteed in every country, but subject to the discretion of Govt. of said country.
  1. Advertisements
  1. The company may also run any advertisement by displaying it on the app directly or through any third party or their agencies. The user while using the app may watch, check and verify the same at its sole discretion. If any advertisement is appearing to the user as illegal or defective, he/she shall inform the company with immediate effect to remove the same permanently from the app. It is hereby informed that the advertisement on the app may not be in the control of company and it may be posted by third parties/ad agencies or its associates.
  1. Sharing & Security
  1. The user may not use any content of the app for any purpose either commercially or otherwise.
  2. The user may not attempt to, nor assist, alter or temper with, authorize or encourage others to circumvent, disable or defeat any of the features, copyrights, logos, labels, or components, such as digital rights management software or encryption that protect, obfuscate or otherwise restrict access to any Content of app in any manner.
  3. If the user violates the above terms, he/she may incur civil or criminal liability as per the Indian laws.
  1. Changes to these Terms
  1. The consent of user is not required if the company wishes to change or modify any term either wholly or partly.
  1. Jurisdiction
  1. The dispute if any regarding the terms of this agreement, shall be referred to the sole arbitrator having knowledge of Indian laws, who will be appointed by the company. The place of arbitrator shall be at Mohali, Punjab, India. The fee of arbitration shall be paid by the user or company who will raise dispute. The proceedings of dispute from beginning to end shall be recorded in the English language.